Manual Handling (In-house)


Duration: Half a day


Course content:


The purpose of this course  is to provide the candidate with the knowledge and skills to improve their manual handling technique, how to conduct a personal risk assessment, and how to understand the risks linked with manual handling.

  • Manual handling Operations Regulations 1992

  • Anatomy and physiology of the back

  • Causes of Back pain

  • Ergonomics

  • Inanimate load handling

  • Mechanical aids

  • Fitness

  • Returning back to work

  • Moving and Handling Assessments

  • Manual handling legislation

  • Principles of Safer Moving and Handling

  • Good handling technique

  • Poor Handling technique

  • Unsafe systems of work

  • Practical Skills


The purpose of this course is to ensure that delegates will be able to carry out safe manual handling techniques. They will also be able to analyse a load and lift it correctly, have an understanding of lifting injuries and the impact of lifting injuries relating to occupational health and the legislation surrounding it.

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